Eames, Clara Jeannette

Clara Jeannette Eames

Only living daughter and youngest child of the late K.O. Ostewig: maiden name, Miss Clara Jeannette Ostewig: was born at Lee, Lee County, Illinois, November 7, 1884: educated in the Lee High School at Lee and graduated from that institution on June 5, 1901, at age of sixteen years: studied music under various musical instructors of ability and renown: became talented musician, especially on piano, violin and mandolin: also attracted some attention as soloist, soprano and contralto: prominent worker and member of the Lee Methodist Episcopal Church and also of local chapter of Epworth League: held various offices in Epworth League and Lee M.E. Sunday School: was married on September 5, 1906, at age of twenty one years, at her home at Lee, Illinois to Perry I. Eames, a prominent agriculturist of DeKalb County, Illinois: is sociable, charitable and philanthropic and enjoys extensive acquaintance: is attractive and popular, and of a jovial, cheerful and loving disposition.