Ostewig, Anna

Anna Ostewig

Surviving widow of the late K.O. Ostewig: maiden name, Miss Anna Quitno: born May 19, 1847, of poor parents and in humble circumstances; eldest of family of seven children, four sons and three daughters; her sister, Miss Julia Quitno, died October 7, 1876, aged twenty seven years, others still survive: received a common school education: married on August 15, 1869, at age of twenty two years to K.O. Ostewig, then of Chicago, at country church near site of the present village of Lee, Illinois; lived in Chicago for some time and then removed to Creston, Illinois; removed to Lee, Lee County, Illinois, in 1873, and has resided there since; were pioneer settlers of that village; became mother of five children, three sons and two daughters; the eldest three children, two sons and a daughter, died in infancy, two youngest children still living; shared with husband in the struggles of life; a loving wife and a kind and Christian mother; survives husband, and has now attained age of three score years.