Nowe, Mildred

Mildred E. Nowe 


In the Matter of the Estate of:                                  In The Circuit Court of the

Mildred E. Nowe, deceased:                                   Fifteenth Judicial Circuit.  Lee County, Illinois.

In Probate.  Estate No. 69  P 148

September 26th, 1969  Will filed.

September 26th, 1969   Order Admitting Will to Probate entered.

I, Mildred E. Nowe, of Amboy, Illinois, make this to be my will and revoke all former wills and codicils by me made.


I bequeath all of my personal effects, house-hold goods, automobile, and all other chattels to my husband, Robert G. Nowe (hereinafter called “my husband” if her survives, or if he predeceases me, to my children who survive me in equal shares


            I give and bequeath the residue of my personal estate, tangible and intangible, to my husband, or if he does not survive me, per stirpes to my descendants who survive me.


            I give and devise all of my real estate, together with all buildings thereon and all rights and easements appurtenant thereto to my husband, Robert G. Nowe, if he survives me, for his own use during his life, without bond and without liability for impeachment for waste, provided, however that my said husband shall keep the buildings on said premises adequately insured against loss or damage by fire, shall pay all premiums and all taxes and assessments and shall maintain and keep the premises in good condition and repair.  Upon the death of my said husband, or upon my death is he does not survive me, I give and devise the said real estate to my children surviving me in equal shares, provided however, that if any of my children shall predecease me leaving issue me surviving, such issue shall take in equal parts per stirpes the share which such child who predeceased me would have taken if such child had survived me.


I name my husband as executor of this Will.  If for any reason my husband fails or ceases to act as executor, then I name Dixon National Bank, Dixon, Illinois, as executor.  I direct no security on any executor’s bond be required of my husband.

  1. I direct the executor to pay out of my estate passing hereunder, after satisfaction of the bequest or bequests made in Section 1, all expenses of administering my estate and all estate, inheritance, transfer and succession taxes (including interest and penalties, if any) which become due by reason of my death.  I waive on behalf of my estate any right to recover from any person, including any beneficiary of insurance upon my life, any part of such taxes.
  2. I give the executor the following powers and discretion, in each case to be exercisable without court order:

(a)                To sell at public or private sale, to retain, to lease, to borrow money and for that purpose to mortgage or to pledge, all or part of the real or personal property of my estate;

(b)               To settle claims in favor of or against my estate;

(c)                To join with my surviving spouse in filing joint federal income tax returns, and in any federal gift tax return filed by my surviving spouse to consent to have any gifts therein reported made to third d persons as made one-half by me to the extent permitted by the Internal Revenue Code in force at my death; and to pay any part or all of the tax shown due on any or all of such income and gift tax returns, including any deficiencies, interest and penalties subsequently determined to be due thereon;

(d)                To distribute the residue of my estate in cash or in kind or partly in each, for this purpose the determination of the executor as to the value of any property distributed in kind shall be conclusive; and

(e)                To execute and deliver any deeds, contracts, mortgages, bills of sale or other instruments necessary or desirable for the exercise of his powers and discretions as executor.

In Witness Whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my seal this 16th day of October, A.D. 1964

Mildred E. Nowe     (SEAL)


Mildred E. Nowe died on September 9th, 1969.

June 23rd, 1972.   Final Report Filed and approved.