Cory, Jesse

Jesse Cory

In the matter of the Estate of Jesse Cory Deceased  In DeKalb County Court, in Probate Box 208

Sept. 15, 1881 – Affidavit of Death Filed by David N. Cory representing that Jesse Cory died on or about Aug. 28, 1881 at Paw Paw in said county.

Sept. 15, 1881 – Will filed which is in words and figures following to-wit:

I Jesse Cory of the town of Paw Paw in the County of DeKalb and the State of Illinois of the age of sixty two years and by the will of God being of sound mind and memory, do make publish and declare this to be my last will and testament in manner following to wit.

1st after paying all legal debts by me contracted and all necessary funeral expenses at my death in addition to her right of dower, I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Catharine Corey the right to retain and occupy room in the house on the homestead necessary for her comfort during her natural lifetime or while she remains my widow.

2nd.  I give and bequeath to Andrew A. Cory five hundred dollars to be paid as follows; one hundred dollars one year after my decease , and one hundred each year thereafter until he shall have received the above named sum

3rd.  I give and bequeath to each of my two daughters Susan Rebecca and Elizabeth Christina the sum of one hundred dollars.

4th  I give and bequeath all the remainder of real and personal estate to David N. Cory, but incase he dies childless this property reverts back to those nearest of kin.

In witness whereof I, Jesse Cory to this my last will and testament have hereunto set my hand and seal this twenty first day of July A. D. 1881.

Signed.  Jesse Cory

Sept. 15, 1881 – Petition for Letters of Administration filed by David N. Cory representing that Jesse Cory died on or about Aug.. 28, 1881 leaving paper purporting to be his last will and testament, but which has been adjudged by the court, not to be his will, that said deceased left surviving him Catherine Cory his widow and Susan R. Terpening nee Cory, Elizabeth C. Fish nee Cory, Andrew A. Cory and David N. Cory all adults his children as heirs.  Prays that petters (letters) of administration may be granted to himself and Henry M. Boardman.  Catherine Cory waives her right to administer.

(Transcribed as written)