This is a listing of the biographies that are in our research library.  You are welcome to come and browse.  It is thanks to every family that wanted to document their family history, share with others, and have a copy of their history safeguarded that we have been able to amass the following biographies.  We would be delighted to have a copy of your family or helping you start your family history.

Alexander, Giles Kittle, J. N. Morse, Isaac F. Potter, Isaac
Allen, Captain Martin Kittle, Nicholas J. Mullins, George Powers, Edward
Atherton, Benjamin Kittleson, Charles Mullins, Robert Powers, Norman
Atherton, Charles Kittleson, Hove (Ole) Munson, Bendix & Caroline Prestegaard, Ole J.
Bend, Lewis Knell, George Nelson, Thomas Pritchard, Nathan
Berg, Theodore Knutson, Iyer Newsham, John F. Quilhot, Peter V.
Bleie, Helgje Lake, Almon Nicholson, Rev. William
Boardman, Henry Lane, James Nicholson, Thomas Ray, John
Challand, Henry LaPorte, Alonzo Nisbet, Mathew Storey, Septimus
Christopher, Christopher Nolan, Joseph A. Terpening, Jeremiah
Clapsaddle, Andrew Larson, John H. Norton, David Terpening, Miles Lucas
Clapsaddle, Frederick Larson, John Sr. Norton, James Wellington Todd, William
Clapsaddle, George H. Larson, Lars Nowe, Fredric Vosburgh, Sardias
Clapsaddle, Henry Leifheit, Henry W. O’Brien, Michael Watson, James A.
Duffy, Martin Low, Charles H. O’Connor, Michael J. Watson, William
Eames, Mrs. Perry I. Low, Johnson O’Donnell, Anthony Wells, Captain A. Levi
George, Amiel Low, William R. Oleson, Ole E. Wesson, Silas Dexter
Hallam, Charles Lucas, Thomas B. Oleson, Ole W. Willits, Oron
Hare, Myron Hawley Lyons, Joseph B. Olmstead Family
Harper, William Maakestad, S. M. Olmstead, Aaron
Horton, Darius Macklin, Dr. George Olmstead, Isaac Lewis
Houghtby, John Malmberg, John Olmstead, Mathew
Husk, Henry Marrin, Alice Olmstead, Nathan
Irwin, William W. Matteson, Oscar F. Olmsted, Coleman
Jackson, George Maxwell, George N. Olmsted, Daniel D.
Johnson, Pauline McAllister, James W. Ostewig, K. O.
Keene, George M. Mc Cleery, James Ostewig, Anna
Kennedy, John McCormick, John A. Palmer, Charles
Kirby, “Jimmie” McFarland, James Park, George
Kirkpatrick Family Merritt, John H. Park, Ira
Kirkpatrick, Hiram Michael, Peter Perry, Frank
Kirkpatrick, Isaac Miller, Peter Peterson, Nels
Kirkpatrick, Richard Morey, Ariel S. Post, A. F.