Family Histories

The following books have been generously shared with the museum by members of our community and those families that have ties to this area. These books are not indexed. We invite you to visit the museum to study these histories. This list will be updated as histories are received.

Surname Title
Ames Ezra M. Ames and Orpha M. Ames
Baker Family History – 10 Generations  1734 – 1984
Bausman Family Tree
Benson The Benson Story – Dedicated to Arthur and Esther
Benson From 1865 to the Present   Thomas and Elizabeth Benson
Benson – Knutson From Horse & Buggy to the Moon
Berg – Eames Family History
Berg Family Family History
Bleie to Bly Norway to USA  1832 to present
Boland, Lyons, Donnelly, Horan & Hayes A Study of Five Families
Breese A History of the Breese Family – Part II
Brown – Jordal Register Report of Families
Carlson – Larrson Descendants of August Johan Carlson & Gertrude Alice Larson
Carlson – Mullins Ernest Edward Carlson & Mary Ann Mullins
Carlson – Stram Charles Leander Carlson & Nina Stram Family
Challand, Shirley A Tribute – written by daughter
Challand Life of a Century Lived by Henry Challand  1823 – 1923
Challand Reuben Challand, Jr. & Mary Emily Cutts
Charlesworth William Charlesworth family
Chestnut John Chestnut of County Antrim, Northern Ireland and His Descendants
Clapsaddle Diary of Henry Clapsaddle
Clapsaddle Clapsaddle Family Heritage Book
Clapsaddle The Mohawk Valley Family – Clapsaddle Family History
Cocks – Bates Descendants of Henry Cocks & Catherine Bates
Cody Peter O. Cody Family  1818 – 1946
Colton Charles Wesley Colton Family
Cox (Cocks) Henry Family Tree
Debolt The Debolt Story  1739 – 2002
Douglass The Douglass Family
Dugan, Hickey,Cox, Ryan Family History
Eakle The Eakle Family of Progress Corner
Eames. Soren Eames and Marth Olson Descendants
Eden – Edwards A Family Search
Espe Peter and Elias Families – Gold Rush Reunion
Ferguson – Boston Family History
Field The Family of Bennett Field
Firkins George Leonard and Lydia Chappel Descendants
Firkins Leonards and Firkins 1776 – 2009
Gates The Gates Family – A Brief Genealogy
Gingrich Gingrich Genealogy
Govig, Hill, Espe Traveling West in the Search for Gold in 1859
Greeley, Powers, Fuller Noah Greeley & Anna Powers
Greene The James Green Family
Greene Family The James Green Family
The Greens of the East Branch Daniel Moon Greene — Ancestors and Descendants
Greentown The Story of Greentown
Grove The Grove Family History
Haines Memoirs
Hallam & Isham Memories of the Hallam & the Isham Family
Halverson Sigur Halverson and Susanna Oldsdatter Tevito Descendants
Hanson – Espe The Hanson Heritage
Hardy Helen Hardy’s Memoirs
Hart – Malloy The Tree of Hart – Patrick Hart and Mary Malloy
Henderson The Henderson Family
Henderson Our House of Hendersons
Henderson – Cooper The Henderson and Cooper Families
Houghtby The Houghtby Family
Hyde – Baker The Hyde and Baker History
Johnson Andrew and Sarah Johnson Family History
Johnson John T. Johnson’s  Descendants
Johnson The Family of John and Elizabeth Johnson
Jordal The Jordal Family
Keene – Merritt The Keene and Merritt Family History
Kirby – O’Donnell Descendants of James Kirby &  Mary O’Donnell of Alto Twp., Lee Co., Illinois
Lake The Lake Family
Landes – Oberholtzer Descendants of Abraham Landes and Magdalena Oberholtzer Landes
Larson John Larson Family
Malmberg History of Lee, Illinois and The Malmberg Family
Mickelson The Mickelson Family Archives
Mueller Hallie Mueller – My Life as a Teacher
Mullins The Mullins Family
Mullins – Storey Mullins – Storey Scrapbook
O’Donnell, Dugan, Hickey, Minnehan Family History
Olmstead The Olmstead  Family History  1632 – 2006    (Two Parts)
Olson John Heartfield (Hjerthager) Olson
Olson –  Ovesdatter Ole Olson and Brita Ovesdatter Family History
Ostewig The Ostewig Family
Ostewig K. O. Ostewig  1842 – 1902  The Sage of the Mississippi
Overby The Overby Family
Piercy Memoirs of Blanche Piercy
Quilhots Quilhots in America
Ray – Enders Ancestors and Descendants of John Ray and Elizabeth Enders
Risetter Lars Risetter Family
Severson Sevie Andrew Severson and Anna Tomane Olson
Shreffler Period of Nostalgia by Keith Shreffler
Storey’s Memoirs
Stryker Memoirs
Todd From Then to Now
Todd Tidbits From the Pass
Todd Ye Book of Todd
Town – Grove Towne Family Historyand Others: Ellen M. Town, William Grove, Delia Pine
Trumpour Paulus Trumpour Register Report
Tysdale The Tysdale Family Tree  1807 – 1971
Waterman Memories of the Early Years  The History of Waterman, IL
Weber The Weber Family History
Wright Descendants of Hamilton Wright
Wrigley The Wrigley Family History