Keene, George M.

George M. Keene


George Keene was the son of William and Emily (Pulver) Keene, and was born in Victor Township in 1856. He wed Linda Merrett, 10 ch.

Harry wed Jessie Strem 2 ch., Cleo and Paul. Cleo died young. Paul wed Eileen Blackman 4 ch., Kurt Lynda, David, Susan. Curt wed Cheryl Hammett 1 ch., Wade; Lynda wed Joseph Kilgore no ch.; Susan wed Arthur Melcher no ch. Harry 2nd m., Marsha Middleton 1 ch., Mary Jane wed Arthur Vandre no ch.

Clyde wed Jessie Cross 1 ch., Raymond wed Charlotte Greenacre 2 ch., Duane wed Janice Johnson; Sandra single.  Mertie single.

Edith wed Frank Sawyer 2 ch., Gailla wed Everett Lane Jr., 2 ch., Susan wed James McKenna., 2 ch., Mark and Scott; 2nd – m., Nick – Cailao 1 ch., Eric; Jerry Lane single. Farwell Sawyer wed Joyce Charlesworth 4 ch., Toni, Tom, Constance, Charles.

Harrie wed Joseph Sawyer 1 ch., Roger wed Margie Williams 2 ch., Martha Ann, Joan.

Floyd wed Ruth Love 2 ch., Donald wed Helen Baker 1 ch., Lynda; Ardith wed Elmer Politch 1 ch., Jimmy

Clarence wed Minnie Whitford no ch.

Pearl wed Bernie Knudtson 3 ch. Phyllis wed Russell Benson 3 ch., Connie wed Charles Kross 1 ch., Christie; Barbara and Joan Benson. Eldonna Knudtson ,single.

Gladys wed Russell McAllister 4 ch., Orland wed Lucille Burgin 5 ch., Reid, Deenane, Cheryl, Pamela, Scott; Merrell wed Margaret Rueff 1 ch., Joyce; William wed Margaret Kuppler 3 ch., Steven, Olaune, Bradley; Bonnie wed Charles Courtney 2 ch., Nathan and Robin.

Ivan wed Eula Schermerhorn 1 ch., Linda.

Mrs. George Keene died October 21, 1905. Mrs. Keene, his widow, bought a home in Waterman and moved into it in 1918 and died in 1937.