Kirkpatrick Family

    The Kirkpatrick Family

Kirkpatrick, anciently sometimes spelled Kilpatrick, a surname derived from Cella Patricii, the Church of Patrick. The ancient family of Kirkpatrick of Closeburn, who possess a baronetcy, have according to tradition, held hands in Nithdale since the ninth century.

Roger Kirkpatrick was one of the attendants of King Robert Bruce of Dumfries when he met Comyn in the Church of the Franciscans in that town, and it was he who on Bruce’s rushing out and expressing a doubt that he had killed the Red Comyn, dispatched the latter with the exclamation, You Doubt! Isemak siccar (or sure), which became the motto of his family, their crest being a hand holding a daggar, in pale, distilling drops of blood. – Anderson’s Scottish Nation.

About 1730 Isaac (1) Kirkpatrick with his brother Richard and sister, Mary, of Scottish ancestry, came from near Belfast, Ireland, and settled in part of Lancaster and Cumberland Counties Pennsylvania. Isaac’s son Richard had 3 sons, Joseph, Moses and Isaac of Rye Township, Cumberland Co., Pa., were all soldiers of the Revolution.

In 1855, Jessie Kirkpatrick, with his brother Richard (4), Isaac (3), Richard (2), Isaac (1), and their families, came from near Duncannon, Perry Co., Pa., and settled in Clinton Twp., DeKalb Co., IL.

Moses Kirkpatrick came from Scotland in 1730. Isaac, his son, 1755-1838, wed Anna Graham 1765-1858. Isaac and Anna Graham Kirkpatrick were the parents of Jessie.

Jessie Kirkpatrick wed Ruth Smiley, both born in 1791 in Perry Co., Pa. Jessie died in Clinton in 1857. Ruth died in 1879 in Waterman. They had six children all born in Pennsylvania. They owned land part of section 27 on South Waterman Rd. Their children are the fifth generation.

Ann 1820-1869 wed William H. Henderson 1 ch., Sally wed Oliver Carucs 2 ch., William single, Charles wed —

Isaac 1822-1895 wed Catharine McCord Oct. 28, 1848. She also was born in Perry Co., Pa. Isaac followed farming and lumbering in his youth till 1855, when he came and settled in Clinton on a farm in section 27 on South Waterman Rd. Farmed for 17 years, in 1872 sold the land and moved to the Village of Waterman and began the milling business and afterwards the manufacture of bee hives, water and stock tanks and cisterns. He formed a partnership with his son-in-law, Wm. S. Andrews, under the name of Kirkpatrick and Andrews. In 1885 they were managing a good business. Mr. K was a Republican and held official offices in Waterman. They were the parents of 4 ch., Lizzie, Inda, Ida S., and one died in infancy.

Lizzie no record.

Inda wed William S. Andrews 2 ch., Ruth wed William McMillan 1 ch., William; Francis wed Franklin Peck 1 ch., Dorothy.

Ida S. wed John Simpson Kirkpatrick 1 ch., Ross wed Myrtis Garner 3 ch., Ruth, Kenneth and Jean. Ruth wed Harry Polos no ch., 2nd m., Edward Gaulfield no ch. Kenneth wed Lila Peterson 2 ch., Kathleen and Karolyn. Jean wed John baie no ch.

Smiley, the third child, 1825-1907, wed Anna Matilda Hipple 1831-1893, daughter of Laurence and Sarah (Heagy) Hipple. Smiley attended common schools and at New Bloomfield Academy for two years. His father had a saw mill. He assisted in the school for seven months, clerked in a store and traveled a period. At 30 years of age in 1855, he came to Clinton settling on 80 acres of land he bought in 1853 in section 22 on S. Waterman Rd. He purchased a quarter section of government land in Milan Township. He increased his holdings until he owned 320 acres. They were the parents of ten children, Melvin, Elmore, Jesse, Lawrence, Isaac, Mary Ellen, William and Albert, twin sons who died after 16 days. After the death of his first wife, Smiley married again and moved to Mendota where he died in 1907.

Hiram, the fourth child, 1827-1924 age 97 years, received his education and lived on the parental homestead until 1845. He then apprenticed himself to learn the blacksmith trade and worked three years in Pa., under his indentures. After mastering his trade, he worked for his old employer two years and into partnership which existed one year then dissolved by mutual consent.

In 1852, Mr. K. moved to Dayton, Ohio, there employed in a machine shop for about one and one half years. In 1853 moved to Hagerstown, Ind., and for a year was foreman in a car shop, and also at his trade one year.

Mr. Kirkpatrick was united in marriage to Mary Molly Thomas in Carlisle, Pa.,1854. A daughter of William and Susanna (Aply) Thomas, natives of Vermont and Pa. They lived in that state until her father’s death then her mother lived with Hiram and Molly until her death in 1874.

In 1856 Mr. K. came to Clinton and purchased land on section 22 and 27 on which he settled and lived until he moved to Waterman many years later. He added acreage all in Clinton and owner of 400 acres, 350 of which was tillable in 1885. After coming to Clinton he followed his trade at his home until 1862.

Mary Mollie, his wife, was born in Gettysburg, Pa., in 1831 and the mother of their five children, Arestes J., Ira T., Niles II., and Minnie M., one child died in infancy.

He was a Republican and held several offices in the township, as a worthy gentleman and representative citizen of DeKalb Co.

Hiram and Molly’s first child Arestes wed Jennie (Jane) Matteson, daughter of Oscar and Marion (Hall) Matteson 2 ch., Lee Robert and Clayton Matteson. Lee wed Lavina Watson 2 ch., Bertha wed Ralph Reingardt; Harriet wed William Randles. Clayton wed Mable Swift, 3 ch., Doris Ellen, Clayton Swift, and Beatrice Jane. Doris Ellen wed Lawrence Wells no ch., World War II Flight Nurse. Clayton Swift wed Thelma DeMott 4 ch., Pamela, Bruce, Eilsen and James. Clayton Jr., because Editor of the Chicago Tribune in 1969. Beatrice Jane (Bettijane) wed James Herold, after his death 2nd m., C. Ray Cooper 1 ch., Molly Kay.

Hiram’s second child Ira wed Libby Elizabeth Rowley 1 ch., Harry wed Elsie Loescher, no ch. Harry became a millionaire dealing in leather in Chicago, president of the Chicago Motor Club, and his farm inheritance, he developed into a beautiful farm with the picturesque landscaped park framing the buildings. This land was sold in 1969 and brought $1500 per acre.

Hiram’s third child Miles wed Eugenia 2 ch., Arlene wed Joe White, after his death Harold, Dorothy wed —Kolves, divorced 2nd m., Howard Kauffman, divorced., 3rd m., Kenneth —.

Hiram’s fourth child Minnie wed Fred Brown 1 ch., Grace wed Merwyn Brown , 2 ch., Meryle and Carol.

Jesse and Ruth K. fifth child, Margarette wed William McCoy, no further record.

Their sixth child Eleanor 1832-1917 wed Robert G. Ferguson. No further record of the family but a sketch of Robert Ferguson life and business.