Kittleson, Charles

Charles Kittleson

Charles Kittleson, general farmer on section 17, Milan Township, was born Oct. 28, 1851, in Earl Township, LaSalle Co., IL. His parents were Kettle and Lavinia (Sanderson) Kittleson, and he was but 11 years of age when his father died, in March, 1863. He was mainly dependent on his own efforts for a livelihood after that event, previous to which he had received only a common school education. He gave considerable attention to the proper training of his mind, and also contributed to the family maintenance, as there were four children younger than himself. They are named: Austin, born Dec. 1, 1853; Emma, April 6, 1856; Adolph Oct. 5, 1858; and Knute, Nov. 12, 1862. Emma is the wife of Goodman Jacobs, a farmer of Milan Township. The mother and three brothers named live with Mr. Kittleson, of this sketch. The former is 62 years of age. Her mother, Adaline Sanderson, is still living in LaSalle County, and is nearly 90 years of age, and is still healthy and sprightly to a remarkable degree.

Mr. Kittleson was married May 29, 1879, in Earl Township, LaSalle Co., IL, to Adelaide M. Sanderson, daughter of Knute and Augusta (Halverson) Sanderson. Her parents are natives of Norway and removed thence to LaSalle County, where she was born April 20, 1857. They still occupy a farm in that county. Mrs. Kittleson has become the mother of three children, and one is now deceased, – Levi C., – who died in infancy. Amos K. was born Aug. 28, 1881; Silas H. was born Dec. 28, 1883.

In 1881, Mr. Kittleson became by purchase the owner of the family homestead in Milan Township and 80 acres additional from his brother Henry. The family are Lutheran in religious belief. He is a Republican in political principle and connection.

Source: Portrait and Biographical Album of DeKalb Co.