Kittleson, Hove (Ole)

Hove Kittleson

Mr. and Mrs. Hove (Ole) Kittleson and five sons lived in a village called Finn near Oslo, Norway. The four younger sons came to America in the 1840’s. The father died in 1856, so the mother and her eldest son, Ole, and his family came to America in 1861. They had a perilous journey on a freighter, ran into a storm and even the captain didn’t think they’d make it. After four months they did land at Quebec; came to Chicago by train, and the mother went from there to Stavanger, IL. The five sons were: Ole, Gullick, Holver, Kittle, and Knute. Knute died in the Civil War and is buried in a Southern Battlefield Cemetery. Holver died of gas from a leaky light in a Rochelle Hotel. He was the father of Heny Kittleson and grandfather of Mrs. Ragnald (Lottie) Hansen and Raymond Kittleson.

Gullick was the father of Charles Kittleson and grandfather of Clifford, George, Peter, Milo, and Burton Kittleson and Mrs. Oliver (Emme) Johnson. Gullick and Holver are buried in Union Cemetery.

Source: Lee Centennial Book