Knutson, Iyer

Iyer Knutson

Iyer (1838-1918) and Christina (1833-1885) Knutson arrived in the United States in 1864 from a small island called Rennes, located about seven miles from the city of Stavanger, Norway, on a farm named Dalager. They settled on a farm near Lisbon,Illinois about 1875-1880, moved to Lee County on a farm north of Paw Paw.

Born to this union were nine children – Melinda (1860-1890), (Carrie Norby’s mother) Carrie (1865-1887), Andrew (1867-1932), (Melvin, Amy, and Dena Winterton’s father), Caroline (1869-1908) (Clara Wisted, Lillie Hardy, Myron Edwards and Clifford Edwards’ mother), Edward (1872-1955), Charles (1874-1881, Clarence (1877-1964) (Corella Sanderson’s father) and Charles (1881-1957) Mildred Finnestad, Erma Hickey, Clifford Knutson, Raymond Knutson and Robert Knutson’s father). Their two oldest children, Melinda and Ellen, were born in Norway. Several of the children moved to the Story City, Iowa area.

Source: Lee Centennial Book