Larson, Lars

Lars Larson

The earliest Larson we know of was Lars Larson coming from Norway as a young man. He remained in New York for a short time and then came west to LaSalle Co., IL. There he purchased 140 acres of land and later 30 acres of timber. His first house was a log shanty 10’ by 12’. He married Carolina Hulverson of Norway who, as an adult, came to this country with her mother and stepfather. The marriage took place in LaSalle Co. The couple had three children: Martha, Oliver or Hulver, and John H. Larson.

John H. was born Feb. 14, 1847. He married Sarah Stevenson in 1868 in Minnesota. There were seven children: Edwin, Frank, Albert, Nellie, Emma, John C. and one of whom died in infancy. John H. Larson died in 1938 and wife died June 3, 1932. John C. Larson was father of John Mott Larson, Howard and Glen. Elsie Goble was their mother.

The earliest Goble we know of was Thomas and wife Alice who were married before 1629 at Sussex, England. They came to Charlestown, MD before 1639 with one child, John. This Thomas Goble was born in 1590 – 1610 era. The names Thomas and Daniel were used many times through early years. There were Daniel Gobles in every generation for 242 years straight. The Daniel Goble who died 1676 was hanged for killing three Indians – just a few days after the King Phillips War was ended. This war was a conflict between Indian and white early settlers. We have record of early Gobles who were summoned to court for these crimes: cattle controversy, assault, misbehavior, theft of an ox, and breach of Sabbath. We have a few estate inventories of early Gobles that are interesting but difficult to read.

Both Larson and Goble ancestors were mainly farmers.