Maakestad, S. M.

S. M. Maakestad

S. M. Maakestad was born in Hardanger, Norway, July 12, 1866.  After attending the public schools, he worked on his father’s farm.  He migrated to America in 1882, coming directly to Lee, Ill.  His first work in America was on a farm.  Then he was a clerk in M. P. Harris’ store for some time.  He later joined the firm of Halvor Espe and Haakon H. Risetter, 1895.  In 1903 he built the two-story brick building of which one store and the living rooms were occupied by himself and the other half by a druggist.

He married Miss Guri J. Bly, a native of Lee County, on October 16, 1895.  They had three children – Jacob Mervin, Thurbor Johanna, and Melvin Johan.  The were members of the Norwegian Lutheran Church.

Mr. Maakstad was a church trustee – also a village trustee and mayor.  He was in the store business about 45 years.

Thurbor Maakstad Prestegaard, DeKalb, has a son, Vernon, who is Lee Rural Mail Carrier.  He, his wife and son reside in Lee.  Another son, John, lives in Geneva with his wife and family.  A daughter, Marilyn and husband, Eskil Sjoholm, live in DeKalb.  A daughter, Karen Hoifer, lives in Colorado.  Melvin Johan (Deceased).  A Son, Raymond, lives in Dixon with his wife and family.  Another son, Jim lives in DeKalb with his wife and family.

Jacob Mervin is living in Aurora with his wife, Justine.  son – Bill; Daughter – Barbara

Source:  Portrait and Biographical Album of DeKalb County Illinois; Chapman Brothers, 1885, Chicago, IL