Macklin, George Dr.

Dr. George M. Macklin

George McIntyre Macklin was born in Argyle, New York, January 13, 1843. He was born the same month as the late President McKinley and studied at the same school in Albany, though not at the same time. He had an extended education to become a Physician and Surgeon and graduated from Rush Medical College, Chicago, February 1, 1871. Soon after this he entered upon the practice of his profession at Waterman, where his practice, extended over a period of twenty nine years.

On December 29, 1881, he wed, at Waterman, IL, Emma S. Kirkpatrick, daughter of Smiley and Anna (Hipple) Kirkpatrick. She was a loving wife and mother, but was a great help to the doctor for she acquired considerable knowledge of medicine and valuable skill as a nurse. She helped her husband in the operating room and more than once nursed him through trying periods

He came to Waterman when the village was in its infancy and became the best known and highly respected citizen of the county. He had an upright character and was a sincere Christian.

He never was a man who heralded abroad his achievements, but boasted of but one thing, that in his practice of twenty nine years he had never lost a mother. He was frequently called in consultation. He read widely outside of his professional His last reading was from F.B. Meyer’s “Shepherd Psalm”.

Dr. Macklin was the father of four children, Mary Edith born in Waterman, Nov. 8, 1882, who later taught grade school. Miss Mary Macklin, a sister operated the woman’s apparel store for many years, and the only one of the family that remained in Waterman most of her life. Dr. Macklin died in Waterman June 10, 1902.