Matteson, Oscar

Oscar F. Matteson

Oscar F. Matteson was born in Houndsfield, N.Y. in 1825, the son of Benjamin and Miriam Olmsted Matteson, who in 1846 moved to Clinton and settled on section 34 south of Waterman with his family.

Oscar wed Marion Hall, the daughter of Sylvester and Lois Hall and were married in Clinton in 1847.

Oscar delighted to tell how he and his wife were both born in Houndsfield, N.Y. near Watertown, less than three miles from each other and had never seen each other until they met in Clinton. They celebrated their golden wedding Dec. 4, 1897. They retired to Waterman and died there.

Oscar’s mother was the first body to be buried in the Johnson Grove Cemetery.

Oscar and Marion had 9 children, Florence, Eva, Lorenzo A., Eliza Jennie, Ida Isabelle, Nellie, Sarah, Minnie.

Florence wed Warren Miller the son of Asa and Mary Ann (Coon) Miller. They had 7 children, Asa Jr. wed Mabel Gates, Mary Ann wed Grant Baker 3 ch., Nellie wed Bert Baie, Gladys wed Sam Keast, Jeff wed Alma Reingardt, Lorenzo wed Vera Bailey, Genevieve wed Frank Henderson no ch. Cora wed Charles Henderson. Belinda Eva wed Edward Quinn no ch. Laura wed Harvey Heath 3 ch., Chester and Genevieve no record; Harry wed Viola Borchers 2 ch., Gerald, adopted, wed Shirley Kohler 2 ch Edward, Vickey. Diane wed Gilbert Hofferman 1 ch., Kurt. Harry Heath 2nd m., Leona Alford Vaughn.

Eva wed Martin Alford 5 ch., Alva, Fred, Oscar, Mamie, Charles, no record.

Lorenzo (Len) wed Mary Hartley 8 ch., Myrtle single. Bessie wed Samuel Baker 6 ch., William, Maurice, Alvin, Mertin, Reva, Hannah. William wed Helen Swanson no ch., 2nd m., Virginia Owens 2 ch., Thomas wed Patricia Larabee 2 ch., Teresa, Vernon; Ann wed Michael Melzer 2 ch., Jeffery, Gregory. Maurice wed Margaret Holliday 3 ch., Marvin, Mary Kay, Michael. Marvin wed Beverly Candpogni 2 ch., Mary Kay wed Robert Rimkus; Michael wed Pam Brown; Marvin 2nd m., Susan Overman. Alvin wed Ruby Teal 2 ch., Patricia, Robert. Merton wed Emma Anderson 2 ch., Gary wed Sheilia –; Caren infant. Reva wed Alex Crapcsi 2 ch., Thomas, Paula. Thomas wed Jeanne Crabb; Paula single. Hannah wed Robert Gillis 2 ch., Gordon and Bradley both single.

Oscar William wed Elnora Potter 3 ch., Ralph, Willa Mae, Merle. Ralph wed Lilian –; 2nd m., Katherine Manhart 1 ch., Susan Kim single. Willa Mae wed Helmer Jornalien 4 ch., Wayne, Kent, Paul, Joan. Wayne wed Karen –; 2nd m., Carole Hughes no ch., Kent wed Merille Mullis 4 ch., Ric, Dawn, Robin, Chad; Paul wed Pamela Maxwell 3 ch., Evan, Darrel, Kendra; Joan wed James Petit 1 ch., Burke. Merle wed Velma Smithers 2 ch., Milton, Melody. Melody wed Larry Goeman 2 ch., Holly, Grant.

Guy Matteson wed Kathryn King 3 ch., Agnes, Lois, Raymond,. Agnes wed Harlow Sternburg 2 ch., Harlow Jr., wed – no ch., Greg single. Lois wed Walter E. Best 2 ch., Debbie, Shelly, Raymond wed Jane Knapp 4 ch., Steve, Gary, Laurie, Michael.

Minnie wed Guy Babcock 3 ch., Ella, Earl, Donald. Ella wed Morris Shrader 2 ch., Duane wed Mary McDonald 2 ch., Cynthia and Diane; Carrol wed Warren Holdridge 2 ch., Brian Bradley. Earl wed Cora Smith 3 ch., Gerald wed Mary Goldman 1 ch., Phillip; Dennis wed Shirley Shumaker 2 ch., John William; Allen wed Sheryll Searfoss no ch., Donald single.

Hazel wed Arthur Houghtby 10 ch., Florence wed Siguard Larsen 6 ch., Jeffrey wed Rebecca Collins; Sonja wed Rudolph Nielsen; Paul, Ingrid, Ruth, Rachel. Dorothy wed Herbert N. Nelson 4 ch., Judy wed Keith Haggestad; Janet wed Craig Sell; James and Joann. Kenneth wed Marion Wood 7 ch., Nancy wed David Pepper; John wed Mary Whitaker; Mark, Mary, Timothy, Martha, William. Mildred wed Harley Radtke 3 ch., Linda wed Charles Bobish; Richard wed Nancy Orstead; Christine. Raymond wed Betty Whatley 5 ch., Paula wed Charles Chancellor II; Charles, David, Diane, Robin. Evelyn wed Julius Brewer 3 ch., Robert wed Beth Palmer; James wed Jeannette Schabaker; Julie wed Allen Lyle. Stanley wed Mona Mackelvene 3 ch., Sandra G., Sharon G., Shelly G. Harold wed Phyllis Barnhart 3 ch., Dennis, Katherine, Susan. Jean wed Robert Sproul 3 ch., Stephen wed Donna Lindsey; Dawn and Joy. Glenn deceased. Ella 12 years.

Ruth wed Earl Challand 5 ch., Doris wed Roy Smith 5 ch., Ronald, Sharon, Dennis, Kevin, Nancy. June wed Robert Jones 2 ch., Susan, Roberta. Roger wed Betty Stevens 3 ch., Karen, Dawn, Rita. LeRoy wed Shirley Burnell 3 ch., Kathy, David, Linda. Mary wed Elvin McKenzie 2 ch., Steven, Jodi.

Eliza Jennie wed Areates Kirkpatrick 2 ch., Lee and Claytony, history in Kirkpatrick sketch.

Ida wed Willis Rowley 2 ch., Areates wed Mary Hudson no ch.: Pearl wed Raymond Keenan no ch.

Isabelle wed Fred Bohe no ch.

Nellie wed Albert Merriman 2 ch., Louis, Florence. Louise wed Muriel Moore no ch.: 2nd m., Emma – 1 ch., Carol; Florence wed Albert Anderson no ch.

Sarah F. wed Lee Breeding 2 ch., Edna, Orval. Edna wed —Spitzer no ch. Orval no record.

Minnie wed Warren Wiltberger no ch.