Michael, Peter

Peter Michael

Peter George Michael came to the Lee area in the early 1830’s taking squatter’s rights to 40 acres between Lee and Shabbona. In 1835 he joined Gen. Sam Houston’s Army in Texas to fight the Mexicans. He then joined Gen. Freemont fighting Indians in the Southwest. He was at Sutter’s Fort in California when gold was found in 1848. He then went back to Texas in the late 1849-50’s, and was discharged from the army. He returned to Oswego and then to the Lee are.

Peter Michael married Alice McQueen in 1852. Four children were born: Adam, Andrew, Margaret, and Sarah. Adam died as an infant. Margaret married John White and moved to Portland, Ore. Sarah married Frank Glossup and lived in the Shabbona area. She died at an early age. Andrew married Mary Dolly of Dixon, IL, in 1889. Four children were born: Mary Ann and Paul were twins. She died at birth. John and Francis were the other two.

Paul lives in Somonauk and is a retired postmaster. He has two daughters living in the Somonauk aea.

Francis moved to Mt. Morris, Illinois, and had one son, Francis is deceased.

John is retired and lives in Lee. He has one daughter Katherine. She and her husband Austin Hetland, live in DeKalb.