Mullins, George

George Mullins

George Mullins, farmer, Lee, son of Robert and Sarah (Hullet) Mullins, was born ib Sheffield, England, in 1842. His father had formerly worked in the cutlery business, but when Mr. Mullins was a very small infant he quit that craft and went to farming, and followed it as long as he was engaged in any regulkar employment. In 1852, the family emigrated and made a home in Shabbona township, DeKalb County. His father’s house stood within forty rods of the track of the tornado which swept through these parts in 1860, and the doors and windows were shattered. His mother had been in feeble health for a long time; the shock to her nerves was more than she could bear, and she died in about two weeks. His father is now living retired in Shabbona. Mr. Mullins was married Nov. 14, 1866, to Miss Mary Ann Bostock, who was adopted by William and Ann Bostock, when she was three months old. Her own mother, Catherine Gray, died of consumption nearly four years afterward. Mr. Bostock came to American in 1865 to view the country, and was followed by the family the next year. They located themselves first at Shabbona Grove, but now live on the county line in DeKalb County. They never had children of their own, but have reared seven adopted ones. Mr. and Mrs. Mullins have seven children: Sarah Minnie, Emma Louisa, William, Robert, George F., and Maud Mary (twins,) and Mary Ann. Mr. Mullins owns 220 acres, valued at $11,000. His farm comprises the S. ¼ of S.E. ¼ Sec. 12, ninety acres on the N.W. ¼ Sec. 18, in this township, and fifty acres on the S.W. ¼ Sec. 7, T. 38, R. 3. He is a Republican.

Source: History of Lee Co.