Munson, Bendix and Caroline

Bendix and Caroline Munson

Bendix and Caroline Munson – she was born in Ferde, Norway, June 22, 1834. He was born September 22, 1822, lived in Bergen, Norway and worked as a gunsmith. They were married May 25, 1855.

Quoting from the obituary of Caroline Munson: In 1869,she and her two children Andrew (born 1857) and Josie (born 1867) set sail for America to join her husband who had preceded her. The voyage proved to be a long and stormy one and the ship was finally driven into the St. Lawrence River and anchored at Quebec. Here, the immigrants were loaded into ordinary freight and stock cars and sent on to their destination. They came to Shabbona Township, but a little later built a house and also a blacksmith shop near the Toad Hollow school house. When the railroad was built they decided to move to Lee which they did Mary 9, 1873.

Children born in America were Ella (1870) Nels (1871) and Charles (1878).

He died March 18, 1896 and she died July 20, 1923.

Nels remained in Lee. He was married to Jennie Prestegaard who died in 1914. He was later married (1919) to Dorothea Nowe Harris who died in 1952. He died in 1965.

Andrew died 1896; Josie 1906; Charles 1920; and Ella 1950.