Nicholson, Thomas

Thomas Nicholson

Thomas Nicholson, farmer, section 15, Paw Paw Township; post office, East Paw Paw, DeKalb Co., has 240 acres. He was born in Phillipstown, Putnam Co., N.Y., Feb. 14, 1807, and is the son of Joshua and Rebecca (Henyan) Nicholson. He removed to Dutchess Co., N.Y., with his parents when 14 years of age, and five years later to Tompkins Co., N.Y., where he was married, June 1, 1833, to Eunice, daughter of Abram Clark. Mrs. Nicholson was born in Connecticut Aug. 20, 1812. They had 13 children, the seven older ones born in New York and six born in Illinois. There were ten boys and three girls, as follows: Joshua, born March 8, 1834, and died aged 46 years, still unmarried. David H., born Oct. 18, 1835, married Mary J. Jones and lives in Paw Paw Township; John W., born May 11, 1836, married Carrie Emmons, and lives in Chicago; Charles W., born Oct. 18, 1837, married Mary J. Roff, and lives at Aurora; Clark, born June 10, 1839, died in childhood; Lydia A., born Dec. 6, 1841, wife of Cyrus Fristoe, lives at Hot Springs, Ark.; Susan R., born May 26, 1843, is the wife of Dexter V. Pratt, and lives in Paw Paw Township; William L., born Jan. 20, 1845, married Rachel Dunton, and lives in West Paw Paw; Catherine J., born Sept. 21, 1847, is the wife of J.P. Hampson, and lives in Greene Co., Iowa; Edward J., born Jan. 15, 1849 Dexter married Maria Greves, and lives at Sandwich, IL; George M., born Feb. 16, 1851, married Laura Braithwaite, and lives in Calhoun Co., Iowa; Thomas C., born April 22, 1853, is deceased; Fremont, born June 22, 1856, lives in Paw Paw Township. Mrs. Nicholson died Nov. 28, 1879.

Mr. Nicholson came to Paw Paw Township, DeKalb Co., IL, in 1846, bought his lad of the Government, on section 15, where he has made his home every since.

Source: Portrait and Biographical Album of DeKalb Co