Oleson, Ole W.

Ole W. Oleson

Ole W. Oleson, farmer, Lee. In 1847, his father, Lars Oleson, emigrated from Norway to Bradford Township in this county. He was a carpenter in his native country, and soon after his arrival obtained employment as a workman in the Grand Detour plow-works, and was there with Col. L. Andrews four years. While working in that place he saved enough money to buy forty acres of land in Bradford Township in partnership with Lars Hilleson. On quitting the plow factory he bought more land, and finally had 120 acres, which he improved. He was married in that township in 1848, to Isabel Hilleson, and the first child born to them was the subject of this notice, in the same year. Besides Ole they had three others, Holden, Amelia, now Mrs. Ole G. Jelle, and Betsy, wife of Ole Rogde. In the spring of 1863 the father moved with his family to Willow Creek and settled on Sec. 10, where he still lives. He owned here at one time 480 acres, but sold 160 and divided the remainder among his four children, all of whom reside in this township. Ole was married in February 1868, to Miss Augusta Oleson, who was born in Norway October 4, 1849. Her mother died when she was eleven years old, and two years later she emigrated with her father, who died five years afterward. The three children of these parents are a son and two daughters, Isabel Florence, Lewis, and Gure. Mr. Oleson and his wife belong to the Norwegian Lutheran Church. He owns the S.E. ¼ Sec. 10, valued at $8000.

Source: History of Lee County