Palmer, Charles S.

Charles S. Palmer

Charles S. Palmer, Postmaster at Hinckley, has resided in the State of Illinois since 1851, and in Hinckley since the spring of 1874. He was born March 4, 1838, in Kane Co., IL, and is the fourth child of his parents, Jonathan L. and Laura (Smith) Palmer. His father was born in the State of New York, and his mother in Vermont. They had six children.

Mr. Palmer was brought up on a farm, and was a farmer until he was 36 years of age. In 1851, his parents settled in the township of Milan in DeKalb County. His mother died in Cortland, and the demise of his father took place at St. Charles, Kane Co., IL. On coming to Hinckley in 1874, Mr. Palmer built a hotel, which is now occupied by O.P.T. Steinmetz as a store. He conducted his business as a landlord about 18 months, when he sold out and soon after erected the store and dwelling now occupied by Bauder & Coster. Mr. Palmer was appointed Postmaster in April, 1884. In political convictions and relations he is a Republican. He has officiated as one of the Board of Village Trustees and as a School Director.

Mr. Palmer was married in Milan Township Feb. 17, 1863, to Emily N. Coster. Mrs. Palmer was born Aug. 26, 1845, and is the daughter of Alexander H. and Miranda Coster. Laura M., Melvin P., and Myrtie E. are the names of the children of Mr. and Mrs. Palmer.

Source: Portrait and Biographical Album of DeKalb County, Illinois: Chapman Brothers, 1885, Chicago, IL