Storey, Septimus

Septimus Storey

Septimus Storey, born at Harthill, Yorkshire, England, February 10, 1829, the son of Barnabas and Sarah Storey.  For several generations of the male member of the family engaged in the business of making wrought iron nails, and Mr. Storey worked at this work a portion of his youth, attending school when he could.  He worked at the nail trade until he was 16 years old, when his father died, and the shop was then sold.

Septimus found it necessary to find other work, including working on the railroad.  At age 21, Septimus, with friends, George Glossop, William Cutts, Thomas Wright, and Joseph Billam came to the United States in September, 1850.  It took them 24 days to sail from Liverpool to New York, and they encountered some very severe weather.  After landing in New York, they went up the Hudson, then by rail to Buffalo, and boat over the lakes to Chicago.

The following year he went to Big Grove Township, Kendall County, harvesting one crop, and then came to DeKalb County in 1852.  The next year, Mr. Storey, William Cutts, and Mr. Billam worked 160 acres of land and built themselves a small house.  On Dec. 23, 1856, Septimus was married to Mary Mullins, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Mullins.  They were parents of nine children: Robert M. died at age 3; Sarah E; Anna M., died at age 4; John L.; Charles E.; William H.; George T.,  died at age 31; Lillian M.; Deforest L. They celebrated their golden wedding, December 1906.  He was a member of the school board for 16 years; 3 years road commissioner; five years supervisor.  They were members of the Congregational Church of Shabbona. 

In October, 1918, they were stricken with the flu, and on October 12, 1918, Mr. Storey passed away.  Just ten days later, on October 22, Mrs. Storey died.

Source:   Shabbona Centennial  1872 – 1972;  The Historical Committee, Shabbona, Illinois