Terpening, Jeremiah

Jeremiah Terpening

Jeremiah Terpening—Sketch

From the Sandwich Argus March 22, 1884

Mr. Jeremiah Terpening came from Herkimer County, NY in 1850, in the fall, having upon the representation of Andrew Clapsaddle, who had been west two years before, located the 160 acres he now lives upon.

The next spring, Mr. Clapsaddle moved, with his family, consisting of self, wife, one son and one daughter, and at once took possession of his claim, building the same house he now occupies, it being a very fine house for the time, and with a few additions, a very comfortable house for these times.

When he came in 1850, there were but few families in that part of the town.  The Harpers had preempted land; George C. Cooper had purchased and preempted.  Daniel O’Connell and Mr. Dewey owned the land now owned by Peleg Sweet.  Mr. Wesson had not built.  A couple of old bachelors by the name of Griswold had 80 acres opposite Wesson’s.  One quarter section of Mr. Terpenning’s land was in the Dixon district, and the other in the Chicago district, both of which he paid for when he took possession, Mr. T’s house being in the town of Victor.

Mr. Terpenning had led the life of a quiet useful citizen and neighbor, finding abundant scope for his industry and enterprise in caring for the large farm and its various interests, and now in his 72nd year (born in 1811) enjoys a hearty, vigorous ripe age.

Submitted by Terry Todd