Davis, Lee

Lee Davis

March 22nd, 1938:  Will filed, which is as follows:-


I, Lee Davis now residing in the Town of Scranton, Greene County, Iowa, and being of sound mind and member, do hereby make, publish and declare this to be my last will and testament, and I do provide as follows, to-wit:

Par. One.  I hereby direct that all just and legal debts against my estate, including the expenses of my last debts against my estate, including the expenses of my last sickness and funeral, be paid out of the assets of my estate.

Par. Two.  Subject to the foregoing, I hereby give, devise and bequeath unto my beloved wife, Mary L. Davis, all the property of any kind and nature of which I may die seized, and wheresoever situated, she to have and own the same by absolute title in fee simple, and I hereby expressly give to her the right, if she so desires to carry on after my death, the business in Scranton, Iowa, now being conducted un the firm name of Davis and Milligan, in substantially the same manner as the same is now being conducted, subject to satisfactory arrangements therefore with the others parties in said firm.

Par. Three.  I do not in this will make any provisions for my children for the reason that I desire to make the best provisions possible for the welfare and comfort of my wife, and I have full confidence in her making a just disposition at her death of whatever may then remain of my estate.

Par. Four.  I hereby nominate and appoint my wife, the said Mary L. Davis to be the executrix of this will, and hereby direct that she be not required to give bond as such.

Dated at Jefferson, Iowa, this 15th day of January, 1925.

Lee Davis

We whose names are subscribed hereto do hereby certify that Lee Davis the testator above named, signed the foregoing instrument in our presence at the same time declaring the same to be his last will and testament, and we, as attesting witnesses thereof have hereto subscribed our names in his presence, and at his request, and in the presence of each other on the 15th day of January, 1925.

E. B. Wilson

Minnie A. Wilson.

Letters of Administration with Will Annexed dated May 27th, 1938, issued out of and under seal of the District Court of Iowa to Guy Davis, said letters recite that Lee Davis, Late of Calhoun County, Iowa, died intestate on or about March 14th, 1938.

(Transcribed as written)