Hathaway, Lorenzo

Lorenzo Hathaway 

Died March 10th, 1867, Filed March 18th, 1867, Settled August 30th, 1872


            Paw Paw, Dekalb County, Illinois

            In the Year of Our Lord, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty Seven, March the seventh.

            Know All Men by This, My Last Will and Testament, that I, Lorenzo Hathaway being of a sound and sane mind and knowing that death is certain, and that life is uncertain, wishing to make a final disposal of my property for the maintenance of by beloved wife Almira and children Lucy Edith Hathaway, Emma Jane Hathaway and Sylvia May Hathaway.

            I give to my children Lucy E., Emma J. and Sylvia M. the whole of my interest of my Fathers estate, Charles Hathaway late of Adams, Massachusetts, to be equally divided between them as they become of age, Lucy E., Emma J. and Sylvia M.

            All the rest of my property both personal and real, I give and bequeath to my beloved wife for this purpose, for her support through life, and for the maintenance and education of my three children, Lucy E., Emma J. and Sylvia M.

            And I hereby appoint my wife Almira to be my Administratrix, and I direct her to sell my interest in the farm on which I live stock farming tools & c to R. B. Cain as before agreed.

Lorenzo Hathaway

His hand was guided by me

L.H. Davis