Oleson, Ole H.

Ole H. Oleson 


In the Matter of the Estate of:                            In DeKalb County County Court

Ole H. Oleson, deceased:                                 In Probate, Box Number 182

February 15th1897 Will filed,  and on February 15th, 1907, duly probated and admitted to record.


I, Ole H. Oleson of the Township of Miland in the County of Dekalb and State of Illinois of the age of 52 years and being of sound mind and memory, do make, publish and declare this my last will and testament in the manner following:

First:  All my just debts and funeral expenses shall be first fully paid.

Second:  I give to my beloved wife Bertha Oleson all and singular both real and personal property of what kind soever for and during the time until my youngest child shall become of age, that she shall have the sole use if said property and full control of the same as long as the youngest child is a minor.  After this time, or whenever my youngest child has become of age, my said wife and children mutually agree to divide said property, it shall be divided between the children share and share alike.

And Lastly:  I hereby appoint my wife Bertha Oleson and my son Sam Oliver Oleson sole executors of this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all former will by me made.

In witness Whereof I have set my hand and seal this twenty-second day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninety seven.


Ole H. Oleson  (seal)


Ole H. Oleson died on February 1st, 1897.

October 13, 1914, Final Report Filed and approved.

Executors report unto the Court that they paid all just claims against the estate of Ole H. Olson, deceased, including funeral expenses and costs of last sickness.

They further report to the Court  that all of the children of Ole H. Olson, deceased, are now of legal age, of sound mind and under no restraint and that some years ago without consulting legal authority they made a family settlement that was satisfactory to themselves and that they thought would end the probation of said estate, that s short time ago they received notice from the Clerk of the County Court of this County that the estate was still unsettled and they are filing this report for the purpose of clearing said estate.

They further file herewith the entry of appearance of all of the children of Ole H. Olson and their consent of this settlement and their written approval of the family settlement heretofore made with the Executors, Bertha Olson and Sam H. Olson and respectfully request that this report may be approved and the estate declared closed and that they be discharged as executors of the last Will and Testament of Ole H. Olson.

Entry of appearance of George Olson, Bernie Olson, Mabel Govig, Orden Olson, Lena Johnson, Frances Olson, Pearl Olson, Oscar Olson, Peter Olson, and Ada. A Bergeson  attached to report consenting to its approval and requesting that report be approved, the estate declared closed and the executors discharged.

October 13, 1914 ….”Estate declared settled and said executors are discharged from all further duties as such”