Olson, Renes

Renes Olson 

In the Matter of the Estate of:                                     From County Court of Winnebago County, Illinois

Renes Olson, deceased.                                            In Probate.

November 26th, 1915.  Will filed –admitted to record in Winnebago County

December 21st, 1915, Will deemed and taken as duly proven and established and that same be admitted to record – DeKalb County County Court, Illinois


I, Renes Olson, residing at 421 Sunset Avenue, in the City of Rockford, County of Winnebago, and State of Illinois, do hereby make, publish and declare this my last will and testament in manner following:

First:  I will and direct that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid in due course of administration of my estate.

Second:  I give, devise and bequeath unto my daughter Julia P. Olson the sum of four hundred dollars ($400.00), the same to be paid in due course of administration of my estate.

Third:  I give, devise and bequeath unto my son Henry Olson, the sum of two hundred dollars ($200.00) to be paid him in the due course of administration of my estate.

Fourth:  Subject to the foregoing, I give, devise and bequeath unto my beloved wife Anna C. Olson, the use, enjoyment, and income of all my estate of every kind and nature, both real and personal for and during her natural life or for and until she shall remarry.  In the event of the remarriage of my wife, Anna C. Olson, then I will and direct that she shall take and have in fee absolute one third of all my estate, in lieu of the above provision.

Fifth; Subject to the foregoing provisions and after the death or remarriage of my said wife as the case may be, I then give, devise and bequeath all the rest, residue and remainder of my estate, both real and personal, whenever and wherever the same may be found to my children, Julia P. Olson, Henry Olson, Marie Olson Rosquist, Ruth C. Olson, Raymond L. Olson and Esther C. Olson, to be equally divided among them, share and share alike.  In the event of the death of any of the above named children before my decease, leaving no child or children surviving, then I will and direct that the portion which would have gone to such deceased child shall be equally divided among the survivors of my said children.

Sixth:  I hereby nominate and appoint my son Henry Olson sole executor of this my last will and testament, and I hereby give to my said executor full power and authority to sell and make any and all proper conveyances of any and all of my said estate, both real and personal.  It is my wish, however, and I hereby direct that said executor shall not make any such sale and conveyance of any portion of said estate during the time in which my said wife Anna C. Olson, shall live and remain unmarried without the consent of my said wife, Anna C. Olson.  I herby revoke and annul all former wills by me made,

In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 29th day of March 1915.

Renes Olson     SEAL

Renes Olson died on November 15th, A.D. 1915.

February 26th, 1919.   Titled quieted and Final Decree entered.