Wirick, Jacob

Jacob Wirick

In the Matter of the Estate of :                                       In DeKalb County County Court

Jacob Wirick, deceased.                                               In Probate.  Box No. 64.

Feb.24, 1868.  Affadavit of Death filed from which it appears that Jacob Wirick died intestate on or about the 8th day of Feb. 1868.

Feb. 25, 1868.  Relinquishment of Mary Wirick, widow of Jacob Wirick of right to administer filed.  Requests that Edmund Wirick be appointed Administrator of said Estate,\

Feb. 25, 1868.    Petition of Edmund Wirick for Letters of Administration filed showing that said deceased died on or about Feb. 8, 1868, intestate and seized of real and personal property.

That said deceased left surviving him Mary Wirick, his widow, and Harriet Ewers, Cornelia Merrill, Wm. Wirick, Geo. Wirick, Jas. Wirick, Rebecca Breese, E. Wirick, Mary Baxter, V. Wirick and Nancy S. Dickinson his children as heirs.